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This wiki is for the streaming community known as "Vinesauce" founded by Vincent "Vinny" Pizzapasta of Staten Island, New York. They are a group of streamers who play various games while sometimes playing games together. This free Vinecyclopedia was made to replace the old abandoned Vinesauce wiki.

What is Vinesauce?

Vinesauce is a streaming media website established on May 11th, 2010 by Vinny in New York City, New York. The stream serves live footage of video game gameplay and the streamer's live commentary to hundreds or sometimes thousands of viewers at any given moment. The viewers can interact with the streamer through a chat room next to the video feed. Vinesauce is also host to other permanently recurring streamers and guest streamers who have either been recruited by Vinny or applied for the opportunity. For the sake of variety and maintaining the core spirit of the experience, guest streamers are restricted to a single game within a single session of streaming due to an increasingly high volume of applications submitted by viewers.

On YouTube, Vinesauce maintains an alternative online presence with edited stream highlights uploaded through various channels including individual streamer-owned channels and an official channel.


  1. It's required to have an account if you want to do any page editing or making. This is to cut back on anonymous edits that may likely be spam or vandalism. You do not need an account to do edits now. Those who spam and vandalize will still get punished, however.
  2. A little bit of shitposting in the pages is fine. Just don't make an entire page full of spam or Pink & French Bonzi Buddies memes with no actual substance.
  3. Be kind and friendly to each other. Don't go at each others throats because you two can't decide Vinny is a Grey or a Martian or some other ridiculous argument. There'll be warnings if people flame each other.
  4. Most important rule. Have fun!

P.S: If on the off chance you're one of the streamers and you come to the wiki: Hello! We don't sacrifice goats here for Azathoth! Please enjoy the wiki!

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